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Client: Home Selling Solution Client
Industry: Real Estate Solutions
Services: Pay Per Click Traffic From Google, Bing, and Yahoo
Results:Decrease the cost per client acquisition 235%, decrease the cost per lead 273%


The Challenge:

Our client had an established presence in his area and had been in business for some time. Despite the fact that the cost per lead in his area was fairly consistent, he started to notice a rise in the cost per acquisition of a client.

Competition in his part of the country was increasing and algorithm changes with Google, Bing, and Yahoo were causing the quality of the leads to decrease. A lower percentage of the leads were becoming clients.

We took on the challenge to help him decrease the cost of acquiring a client. This required not just a look at the cost per lead, but a deep dive into all of his data over the years to determine the which type of lead would become a client.

The Execution:

Digital Spark researched and gathered data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Bing Adcenter, and from the clients own sales follow up and customer relationship management software (CRM). This approach required a true partnership between Digital Spark and our client. It was not just about delivering a low cost lead to our client; it was delivering our client the lowest cost client acquisition for them. It required us to dig through all of our clients data to determine the relevant data points and then optimize based on that data.

As we did a deep dive into their data and compared it with ours, we found the relevant data points we were looking for. We figured out which keywords and ads were most likely to produce not just a lead, but to produce a new client for our client. We then redesigned the landing page to speak to that person and get them to become a lead.


The Results:

Since January of 2019, we have been able to significantly decrease the cost per client acquisition by a whopping 235% and as we identified the important factors in turning a lead into a client, we were also able to reduce the cost per lead 273%. With the reduction in cost per client acquisition, we were able to open new areas to our client that previously had not been profitable, increasing the profitability and reach of our client.